Risk Based Inspection with Software

Together with our overseas partner, we provides the most comprehensive software program developed specially for the oil & gas industry and other industrial process industry.

  • Compliance with recognized Codes and Engineering practices
  • Improves plant reliability and cuts costs
  • Windows client server based software you can network
  • Users group drive evolution
  • Scheduling

Textual and numerical data are easy entered and analyzed by the program resulting in increased confidence of inspection results and complete compliance with regulatory mandates. A dedicated staff of professionals and annual user group meetings keep you up to date and assures that your mechanical integrity program is in compliance industry guidelines

  • Thickness Management Module
    The Most comprehensive system commercially available for the management and analysis of corrosion data for pressure vessel, tankage and piping. Our patented data analysis provides a recommended next inspection date and an estimate of the retirement date
Provides the key to cost effective reliability improvement —Improves productivity and performance by eliminating the manual tasks of posting and calculation. The thickness management module reduces inspection costs by targeting areas of actual concern
  • Inspect2 Module
    Records visual and NDT inspections and engineering recommendations
  • Records, tracks and processes data on all plant equipments
  • Ensures that required maintenance actions are identified and completed to enhance mechanical integrity
  • Equipment Data
    Manages key information about all equipment to facilitate rapid analysis
    and decision making.
  • Track both process-related and asset-related information
  • Consistency assured by verification checks of key operating and design values
  • Facilitates tracking the entire equipment history for reliability analysis
  • Safety Relief Valve Inspection Module
    Evaluate the inspection and maintenance of relief valves and rupture disks.
  • Analyzes the inspection and maintenance data on all relief valves and rupture disks
  • Generate inspection-due dates based on codes and compliance standards for plant
  • Facilitates increased run lengths
  • Complete Mechanical Integrity Analysis & Record System
    Easy generation of fixed format and custom reports.

Proactive Business Decisions

  • Maximizes run length
  • Minimize unexpected events
  • Promotes efficient, targeted inspection
  • Eliminates redundant activity
  • Predictable change out for piping and vessels
  • Risk driven approach
  • Flexibility
  • E-mail distributable